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The Academy of Aeronautics Canada is a Montreal-based flight school established by world-leading senior executive members who are pioneers in the aeronautics and education sector since 1964. They have contributed to the supply of some of the finest pilots and technicians to the airline industry who have worked for reputable aeronautic companies such as Bombardier, American Airlines, Air France, Air Canada, British Airways and Middle East Airlines among many others.

We have students traveling from all over the world to attend our flight school, and we do our very best to accommodate our students with all their needs to make their flight training experience memorable. It is not solely our students, which have enabled us to be one of the top leaders in flight training, but we are also blessed to have professional and passionate employees who are dedicated to their success.


We are fueled with passion and are constantly striving to set the standards of excellence by consistently pushing our boundaries to offer our students the best flight training experience available in the industry.


I am very impressed with the way this academy conducts their business practices. They are very well organized and they always put safety of their staff and students first. My experience was truly memorable and I have the credentials needed to have a successful career in aviation because of them. THANK YOU EVERYONE! : )

WOW!!! I could honestly say that the training they provided me was outstanding. The staff was so helpful and supportive. I would definitely recommend this academy to anyone who wants to receive his or her commercial license.