Flight School Directories and Forums

Flight school directories and aviation forums are great resources for student pilots. You may find bellow a short list of international directories and forums as well as Canadian ones (our flight academy being based in Canada).

Aviation School Online
Aviation School Online is a leading international directory for professional flight schools. It provides links to many schools as well as presenting a blog.
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Flight School List
Founded in 2006, FlightSchoolList.com began as a basic flight school directory and has since grown into a premier resource for the most comprehensive aviation school.

Pilot Career Centre
Pilot Career Centre provides 24-hour accurate and free information to aspiring pilots already in the industry, as well as to those researching a career as a pilot. They provide great information as well as presenting a great directory of flight schools.

Professional Pilots Rumour Network
PPRuNe is an international forum for professional pilots with a Canadian section. What started in 1999 as a group of dedicated UK and European pilots who would post a few hundred messages a month, has grown into a premier global forum where professional pilots and those in the airline industry communicate through an average of 2000 posts per day.

A great resource for Canadian flight schools and student pilots, AVCANADA describe themselves as “Canada’s busiest online aviation resource”. Their forums are very active and they have a dedicated forum for flight schools and flight training .

Should you want more online resources or should you have questions or suggestions for this list, feel free to send us a message.

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