For International Students

You want to study abroad, we’re here to help. International students are welcomed.


Studying in Canada

Canada offers extreme weather conditions ideal for learning to fly an airplane professionally. You will learn how to fly in various weather conditions.


The Academy of Aeronautics offers great potential and economic stability to start a career in the aviation field. Canadian Pilot Licences are respected and validated around the world as ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organisation) Pilot Licences.


Canada is also a very affordable place to live and study. The exchange rate between the Canadian dollar and other currencies is low and stable. The cost of living and training in Canada is approximately 30%-40% lower than most western countries including the United States.


Be part of the action. The Academy of Aeronautics is based in Montreal. A city that hosts a vibrant aeronautic community with organisations such as ICAO, Bombardier, CAE and others aviation suppliers.



Cost of living is very decent in Montreal. We will gladly support your search for lodging. We assist our students with housing arrangements which are close in proximity to our training facility.



The Academy of Aeronautics is proud to support students with flexible payment conditions. Prices are competitive and advantageous for many international students. It is possible for students to acquire funding for training.


We hire our students upon graduation. That is welcomed from a financial point of view but it also helps accumulate number of flying hours.  Also, we have privileged relationships with major airlines, associations, and industry players and we will provide assistance in career placement upon graduation.



To complete most of our programs, a student visa might be necessary. Again, we are here to help and support you while you go through the procedure. The Academy’s management will assist international students with taking the right steps to obtain the appropriate visas.


Learning at the Academy

The Academy of Aeronautics provides you with a complete environment for ideal studies. You will learn from professional instructors within international level facilities. A world class training in Canada at an advantageous price.

You Can Be An Airline Pilot and start a successful Career!

We employ our students upon graduation

Airline companies face one of the most severe pilot shortages to date

Thousands of Commercial pilots are needed

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