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At our academy, we believe and understand that a great career is started on a strong foundation. In order to accumulate the knowledge and experience required to achieve a career in this industry, the selections of aircraft present for flight training are important. We have a reliable and diversified fleet ready for use which are still being used in a lot of companies around the world. Whichever aircraft you desire, we can guarantee that the experience will be unforgettable.

Piper Seneca PA-34-200


Crew: one or two

Capacity: four to five passengers

Empty weight: 2,901.8 lb (1,316 kg)

Max. takeoff weight: 4,200 lb (2,948 kg)

Powerplant: 2 × Lycoming four-cylinder horizontally opposed piston engine, 200 hp

Propellers: Two or three blade, metal, fully feathering, Hartzell propeller Maximum speed: 170 knots Cruise speed: 162 knots Stall speed: 60 knots

Range: 685 nmi

Service ceiling: 17900 ft

Rate of climb: 1360 ft/min

Cessna 172


Crew: one

Capacity: three passengers

Empty weight: 1,691 lb (767 kg)

Gross weight: 2,450 lb (1,111 kg)

Fuel capacity: 56 US gallons (212 litres)

Powerplant: 1 × Lycoming IO-360-L2A four cylinder, horizontally opposed aircraft engine, 160 hp (120 kW)

Cruise speed: 122 kn (140 mph; 226 km/h)

Stall speed: 47 kn (54 mph; 87 km/h) (power off, flaps down)

Never exceed speed: 163 kn (188 mph; 302 km/h) (IAS)

Range: 696 nmi (801 mi; 1,289 km) with 45 minute reserve, 55% Power, at 12,000 ft

Service ceiling: 13,500 ft (4,100 m)

Rate of climb: 721 ft/min (3.66 m/s)

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