The Professional Aircraft Pilot Program provides extensive training covering the work functions of the licensed multi-engine aircraft pilot. The professional pilot is required to work in various types of airlines: air taxi, air operations, passenger transport, etc. He can also work as a pilot for large companies that own aircraft for the transportation of higher management personnel and employees.


The program provides skills in aviation regulation, meteorology, decision-making and safety behaviors prior to and during an air flight, visual flight planning for day and night instrument flight, when operating single-engine aircrafts by day or night, and operating multi-engined aircrafts in visual and instrument flight.


This initial pilot training program of 795 hours (contact hours) targets 9 skills that will be acquired after the successful completion of 14 courses spanning 10 months.


Administrative Information

Name of the program : Professional Aircraft Pilot
No. of program : EWA.19
Type of sanction : Attestation of College Studies (ACS)
Number of credits : 28.5
Total Duration: 795 hours
Reference DEC: Techniques de pilotage d’aéronefs /Avions multimoteurs (280.A4)


Specific Admission Requirements

Is eligible for this program leading to an ACS, a person
– who has training deemed sufficient by the Academy of Aeronautics
– who passes the Class 1 medical examinations required by Transport Canada
– who meets one of the following conditions:
– has interrupted his/her studies for at least 2 consecutive sessions or 1 school year
– has pursued post-secondary education for a period of at least 1 year.



Course CodeCourse TitleDuration in HoursWeightingCredits
280.001.AIAeronautical Profession and Regulation452-1-32
280.013.AIIntroduction to Air Service Operations 452-1-32
280.002.AIBasic Meteorology452-1-42.3
280.010.AIAdvanced Meteorology452-1-42.3
280.003.AIFlight Theory 452-1-21.6
280.004.AIThe Design, Operation and Instrumentation of Single-Engine and Multi-Engine Aircrafts452-1-42.3
280.005.AIThe Performance of Single-Engine and Multi-Engine Aircrafts452-1-21.6
280.006.AIThe Operation of Private Single-Engine Aircrafts751-4-12
280.007.AIThe Influence of Human Factors in Aircraft Operations 452-1-21.6
280.008.AIAircraft Navigation 451-2-21.6
280.012.AIInstrument Flight Regulations and Procedures452-1-21.6
280.009.AIThe Professional Operation of a Single-Engine Aircraft1652-9-34.6
280.011.AIThe Professional Operation of a Multi-Engine Aircraft in Visual Flight451-2-21.6
280.014.AIThe Professional Operation of a Multi-Engine Aircraft in Instrument Flight601-3-26