This permit is a quick and easy way to obtain a flight certification allowing you to fly any four-place aircraft (daytime only).  What does the RPP License allow you to do:

  • Under VFR conditions the pilot can act as a pilot-in-command of a single engine aircraft.
  • No more than one passenger is to be carried on board and flights are limited to Canadian Airspace.
  • The RPP is easily upgradeable to a Private pilot license (PPL).
  • Only a Non-High Performance Aircraft is permitted to operate.

Transport Canada Requirements:

  • Minimum 25 hours flying time required.
  • An applicant shall be a minimum of sixteen years of age.
  • Ground school not required but is recommended.
  • Flight test administered by Transport Canada Inc.
  • Must obtain a minimum of (60% on RPPAE exam or PPAER exam).