Student Services

For students who are either working or are in school to pursue other academic diplomas.
We are pleased to offer them flexible schedules to accommodate their needs.

Student Housing

Academy of Aeronautics Canada can provide our students the accommodations necessary to make their stay as enjoyable and stress free as possible. Depending on what the student requires we have several options to meet their needs.

Public Transportation/ Car Rentals

Based on the students preference on which housing option best suits their needs, we have structured the necessary public transportation routes which will be explained upon registration. If the student wishes to rent a car or would like to buy a second hand car we will assist them.

Language Proficiency Examination

For any student who wishes to receive a license they must have an acceptable level of both general and Aviation English based on ICAO standards. Student pilots must be able to communicate efficiently in order to pursue a career as an international pilot. All students (including native English speakers) are required to complete an English Language proficiency examination, which serves to determine the linguistic competency of the student. The examination is approximately 20 minutes and will be administered either in person or over the phone by a qualified examiner. Our Academy offers group or private tutoring to prepare them for the exam.

For Supplementary Information please visit the following link from the Transport Canada website; Transport Canada – Aviation Language Proficiency Information Transport Canada – Aviation Language Proficiency Requirements


It is possible for students to acquire funding for your training, we work closely with a bank to help make this possible.

Please call us at 514.315.8762 or email us
for any further questions.

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