Top Aviation Magazines for Aircraft Pilot Students

Staying informed is one of our students’ challenges. If you dream about becoming a commercial pilot, magazines are one of the most popular specific industry related news sources. Nowadays online magazines are even more popular and often better news sources. Aviation magazines are indispensable to students, you will find here a list of well recognized magazines (in alphabetical order). Feel free to send us your recommendations and comments.

Air Journal
Air Journal is a French journal providing the latest aviation industry news and articles on the topics such as aviation history, technology and more for the readers who also can discuss aviation related topics in forum column and watch the videos in video column.

Airlines International
Airlines International online magazine is the aviation related magazine released by International Air Transport Association (IATA) which is based in Montreal where our Academy is. The magazine contains the articles related to various aviation and airlines industry topics that are separated to 5 columns: Analysis, Comment, Agenda, CEO Interviews and Knowledge centre.

Air & space magazine
Air & space magazine contains the articles about the space, military, history of flight and need to know topics. It also offers the daily planet, flight today, interviews, photos and videos columns for the readers.

Airways News
Airways News magazine provides the latest news, sources and information for the aviation industry players and aviation enthusiasts. The magazine covers everything from breaking news and analysis to first flight coverage, investigative series, plane spotting and more.

AINonline is the aviation news magazine publishing the latest aviation related news from all over the world. The magazine also includes the news related to Business Aviation, Air Transport, Defense, Aerospace and Rotorcraft.

ATW provides daily aviation news from different countries related to various aviation topics including airline operations, airline management issues, information technology, safety & security, alliances, distribution, MRO and others.

Aviation et Pilote
Aviation et Pilote is a French magazine covering international news in aviation as well as all information on flying and suppliers.

Aviation Week
Aviation Week is full of the news and other articles related to technology, commercial aviation, space, defense, business aviation and MRO. The magazine can be divided into two parts: free and a part that can only be seen by subscribers. There also can be found the galleries related to different topics, job search and Aviation Week Events columns.

AVweb is independent aviation news magazine. It publishes the articles related to various aviation topics such as flight planning, flight training, aircraft upgrades and many more. AVweb also hosts the blog called AVweb Insider.

Flight Global
Flight global magazine provides the news from aviation industry related topics such as aerospace, aircraft, aviation, airlines, military and more. The magazine also hosts 5 aviation blogs, video, job-search columns and more.

Flying magazine publishes the news and articles related to 5 main aviation topics that are Aircraft, Avionics & Gear, Training, Technique and Careers. It also contains a blog, videos, and photos and gives the readers the possibilities to discuss in forum, to find a job, apply for the contests and more.

Magazine Aviation
Magazine Aviation is the French Canadian aviation magazine. Covering all aspects of the aviation industry with a local Canadian perspective, this magazine is also a great resources of Quebec local suppliers.

Wings is Canada’s national aviation magazine. It covers Canada’s industry news with best practices and advices. It is also great at being a resource for Canadian suppliers.


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