Our Training Facilities

The Academy of Aeronautics’ headquarters are in Ville St-Laurent, Montreal, where both the admissions’ and the ground school offices are located. Our classrooms are equipped with teaching aids and simulators to ensure optimal learning. Our students will complete their flight training at the Mirabel International Airport, which has one of the nicest runways in all of Quebec.

Benefits of completing your flight training in Mirabel International Airport

  • The airport is managed by Aeroports de Montreal company;
  • Has two paved runways to excellent condition, measuring 12,000 feet long by 200 feet wide;
  • These tracks have instrument approaches ILS, LOC and RNAV;
  • The airport has a flight service station (Mirabel Radio) ensuring control of the local air traffic and allowing opening and closing VFR flight plan as IFR;
  • The facilities are accessible for use round the clock , 7 days a week.

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