Why Choose The Academy of Aeronautics

Choosing a flight school can be quite a difficult task especially if you start with only little knowledge about the industry. When choosing a flight school, there are several things to keep in mind that could save you time and money.

What Do We Need?

Knowing exactly what you need from a school will make it easier for you to navigate your options.  Specifically, budget, flexibility and learning styles are some factors that you should consider. The Academy of Aeronautics offers a very flexible payment option – the students can pay in monthly installments. The school clearly understands that different people have different needs. The Academy is also very flexible with courses they offer – they do their best to accommodate each student’s needs.

How Can We Reach The Academy of Aeronautics?

You can know more about the Academy by reading through their website, calling them or setting up a meeting at the school. The Academy of Aeronautics treats every student seriously and welcomes all students from around the world. They try to be as informative as possible within a very short time frame. The headquarters is located near Metro Du college and is very easy to travel to. The flight training is conducted at Mirabel International (CYMX) and the ground courses at the main headquarters.

What Equipment and Facilities Does The Academy Have?

The learning environment and workspace in the school is also crucial to your success in your training. The Academy of Aeronautics is very well equipped. The school has very comfortable classrooms to conduct ground training. The school provides everything you need from charts, maps, books and headsets for the fleet. The Academy also boasts its own reliable flight simulator which helps students prepare for the Instrument Rating.

What Are The Availabilities?

The Academy does a great job in accommodating each student’s needs. The instructors are very flexible and can work around your schedule. Flights and ground courses are set up in a way that works best for you. In the Academy, everyone cares about you. Your needs are the priority and the school aims to embellish that. The school is also open to students who wish to come and study in the classrooms with the assistance of the instructors free of charge. In addition, the school offers a very supportive learning environment – the students help each other all the time, in and out of school.


Choose a school that works best for you and provides you with solutions for your needs. The Academy of Aeronautics does its best to make sure that your needs are its priority and that you are well-prepared for your career in aviation!